The tenant does not pay the rent. Never again!1 min read

12 May 2021 < 1 min read


The tenant does not pay the rent. Never again!1 min read

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Tenant in default or who does not pay the rent? Often the more classic initiatives are ineffective. Estelle proposes a different solution.

The profile of the tenant who does not pay the rent

A tenant who doesn’t pay the rent doesn’t do it because he doesn’t want to pay.

He or she could become insolvent due to a myriad of reasons. However, these variables have one thing in common: they don’t depend on you.

Whether you are a rental manager or property owner (or both), the power you have over the tenant is in the service you offer.

Estelle: the paradigm shift

With Estelle, the tenant can pay you rent, expenses and any other type of payment directly from the App you provide.

Thanks to the payment of the rent through the App, the tenant will have more incentive to proceed with the payment as they will see in you – manager or owner – a figure that is not only professional but also transparent.

Want to know more about Estelle! You can

Easier and more immediate payments

You reduce the ‘friction’ that the tenant has in making the payment. Giving the tenant the possibility to pay the rent and expenses directly from his supplied App, allows to minimize the number of defaulting tenants.

Am I making up all these things? Of course not.

Estelle’s clients claim to have reduced defaulting tenants and at the same time offered a more professional service. SEE HOW!
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