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How Do You Handle Tenants Who Misbehave?5 min read

28 October 2021 4 min read


How Do You Handle Tenants Who Misbehave?5 min read

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Help! My Tenants are Awful!

Are you a landlord who has a tenant or tenants who misbehave? If the answer is yes, do you know how to discipline them? If that answer is no, then this blog post is going to be an extremely helpful one. One big problem for landlords is tenants who misbehave, and most of the time, landlords will be highly passive when this occurs or do something drastic toward the tenant. A rule-breaking tenant is terrible for the landlord and even other tenants living in the property.

How Do Tenants Break the Rules?

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Before we dive into ways to deal with misbehaving tenants, we have to go over what types of things tenants do to get landlords angry. According to Da Slaw, the most significant ways tenants are rude is when they make too much noise, draw graffiti on the property, litter, vandalize the property, or have a party with a large group outside the property that causes chaos. Other examples include illegal substances in your property, giant excessive parties, and tenants refusing to pay the rent.

Similarly, A landlord should always look out for bad tenants from the start. According to Agrasoy Realty, some examples of a tenant making a wrong first impression are showing up late to a property showing, asking to pay the rent in cash, and rushing to get a property. A landlord should always look out for these signs when bringing in a new tenant; however, the tenant may make a fantastic first impression and then be awful toward the landlord and their property.

Pain Points

Moreover, some pain points go with tenants who misbehave. The first pain point is confronting them. Confronting anyone when they are doing something wrong can be very hard, but it’s something a landlord has to do to keep their property in order. The second pain point is them not listening to you. This pain point can be callous to deal with and leads into the third pain point, trying not to lose your temper. Losing your temper toward a tenant can end very badly, and you always have to play it cool. Finally, the fourth pain point is evicting them. This is the last resort and can be very uncomfortable to do, making your property so much better.

The RoomMate Guide for Dealing with Rude Tenants

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Finally, now that you know some of the terrible things tenants can do, we can go over tips for you to deal with them. According to BMG, The first tip is getting your tenants to pay the rent on time. A landlord can do this tip by creating reminders, punishments, and policies.

The second tip is for dealing with tenants who break the law. To deal with this, you should screen your tenants before they move into your property and enter their apartment regularly to check if anything illegal is going on. Read our post, Can Property Management Enter Your Apartment? to learn more.

The third tip is for dealing with tenants who complain about maintenance requests and other problems with the property. As a landlord, you should always listen to them and say their concerns are being fixed, but don’t lose your temper, even if it gets annoying. Some other tips for dealing with rude tenants are being calm and rational, keeping notes of all the issues the tenant causes, showing tenants how they should treat their landlord, keeping them on your good side, and evicting them, which, as said above, can also be a pain point. These tips are manageable; however, there is a big one that deserves its own section.

The Biggest Tip: Using RoomMate Estelle

As said in all our blog posts before this, all of your landlord problems can be easier if you use our property management software, Estelle. Estelle has a huge feature that will allow landlords to immediately communicate with their tenants when they are misbehaving. This feature is chat. With this feature, a landlord can send a tenant a message directly when they are misbehaving. These texts can warn the tenant and tell them what they did wrong and not do it again. Likewise, a landlord can also request a tenant to pay the rent directly through Estelle, and the tenant can pay it through the software! That eliminates the issue of overdue rent. If you want to learn more about Estelle and all the features it has to make your property managing career easier, click here.


Being a landlord with tenants who misbehave can be tricky and tiring. There is never an easy way to deal with this problem (except Estelle), but hopefully, these tips will make disciplining bad tenants a little easier. Finally, all of these issues can be easier if you use RoomMate Estelle, and you can even book a demo with us to learn how to use it. Remember to keep it relaxed around bad tenants and to be a great example around them.

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